Pair cast iron Handyside garden urns

Pair cast iron Handyside garden urnsPair cast iron Handyside garden urnsPair cast iron Handyside garden urns

A pair of cast iron Handyside garden urns, 2nd half 19th century;the body copiously ornamented with young Bacchants growing wine and crushing grapes and at last drinking the wine greedy;the rim, lower body and loop handles of the urns abundantly decorated with vines. These urns are illustrated in the 1880 Handyside catalogue, N° 26.

Dimensions: 58 cms high, 49 cms wide

Condition: Good condition, one urn some small rust perforations.


Reference: AUR112007/S


Handyside Foundry: English iron works, very famous for its fountains and garden vases.Founded in 1848 when Andrew Handyside bought the Britannia Iron Works (on the banks of the Derwent river in Derby). According to the newspaper The Art Journal Handyside manufactured in 1850 several ornamental vases many of which were remarkable for their classical purity of form and ornament. At the Great Exhibition the year after that Handyside received several distinctions for its copies of the Medici urns ánd for busts of Shakespeare, Milton and Wellington.The quality of its castings was exceptional and became better and better from then on. In 1873 its first catalogue of ornamental ironwork was published.

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