Literatuur over tuinornamenten

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  • 'Garden Ornament' by Gertrude Jekyll, ed. Antique Collectors' Club, 1982, (first published 1918)
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  • 'Antique Garden Ornament - Two Centuries of American Taste' by Barbara Israel, ed. Harry N. Abrams, Inc. , Publishers, 1999
  • 'Antiques from the Garden' by Alistair Morris, ed. Garden Art Press, 1996
  • 'English Garden Ornament' by Paul Edwards, ed. A. S. Barnes and Company, 1965
  • 'Miller's Garden Antiques - How to Source & Identify' by Rupert van der Werff & Jackie Rees, ed. Miller's, 2003
  • 'Garden Ornament' by Linda Joan Smith, ed. Smith & Hawken, Workman Publishing Company, Inc. , 1998
  • 'Tuinornamenten' door Arend Jan van der Horst en Ton van Rijsbergen, Zomer & Keuning, 1992
  • 'Garden Ornaments & Antiques' by Myra Yellin Outwater, ed. Schiffer Publishing Ltd. , 2000
  • 'Garden Ornaments and Statuary' by Peter Mc Hoy, ed. Ward Lock Ltd. , 1987, 1990
  • 'Mrs Coade's Stone' by Alison Kelly, ed. The Self Publishing Association Ltd, 1990
  • 'L'Âge de la Fonte - un art, une industrie 1800-1914, suivi d'un Dictionnaire des artistes' par Jean-Claude Renard, ed. Les éditions de l'amateur, 1985
  • 'The Bromsgrove Guild - An Illustrated History' edited by Quintin Watt, 1999
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  • 'Garden Seats and Benches' by Mattei Popovici, ed. Alain de Gourcuff Editeur, 2000
  • 'From Folly to Follies - Discovering the World of Gardens' by Michel Saudan and Sylvia Saudan-Skira, ed. Le Septième Fou, 1987
  • 'Versailles Gardens: Sculpture and Mythology' by Jacques Girard, ed. Sotheby's, 1985
  • 'The Book of Garden Ornament' by Peter Hunt (ed. ), J. M. Dent,1974

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